SSD For Gaming

intel-SSD-for-gamingPC gamers have always known that SSD for gaming is the best thing to happen to gaming since DirectX. But do you? Being plagued with the issue of upgrading their PC’s to keep up with ever growing game requirements, PC gamers have always had their performance negated by traditional hard drive speeds, but not anymore.

SSD’s (Solid State Drives) have become a must have for any PC gaming build which truly underline’s performance as it main benchmark. The mysteries and features of SSD’s are revealed here as this website is dedicated to you, the end consumer who suffers or gains because of , or lack of, information given on the issue.


Why purchase a SSD for gaming?

kingston-ssd-for-gamingMost PC products geared towards performance usually suffer from one form of over hype or the other, but SSDs have become somewhat of the exception to the rule and are rather under played and not given the pedestal it deserves.

A solid state drive,or electronic drive uses solid-state memory in order store persistent data which is accessed in the same way as traditional block i/o hard disk drives do. But what makes SSD drives better than traditional drive types like HDDs (hard disk drive), floppy drives and zip drives?

While traditional drive types use spinning disks and movable read/write heads, SSDs use microchips that store data in non-volatile memory chips and contain no moving parts which makes them less susceptible to the dangers that traditional hard drives face because of those moving parts.

SSD’s are largely immune to most manner of physical shocks, are very silent and have far lower latency and access times as compared to traditional drives. Until recently the main draw back for SSDs has been its pricing which places it higher than conventional HDD drives. But as components become less expensive for manufacturers to purchase, better and cost effective production methods adopted and newer models of SSDs all drive down the price.

The main and most important benefit of SSD for gaming is the access times to game files which is far lower than traditional drives and is super fast. How is this important to gaming? Well, games installed on SSDs are accessed faster which means load times of needed files are cut down drastically and games which load content often are played seamlessly.

Long load times when opening doors, entering new areas or getting to the next level all end up breaking the immersion created by the game which dampens the fun factor of the game. Another important benefit of SSD for gaming is because there are no moving parts the over heating issues of traditional HDDs is non existent here too. Other components like the VGA and processor produce a lot of heat thus the absence of a hot hard drive generally reduces the Temperature of the PC as a whole.

Getting the right SSD for gaming

Brands are important when it comes to components for a gaming machine. Brand preference aside, some components go better with others in terms of compatibility and also some products are simply just better made than others.

An example of one of the fastest standard SSDs on the market is the Samsung Electronics 840 EVO-Series 250GB 2.5-Inch SATA III Single Unit Version Internal Solid State Drive MZ-7TE250BW  Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) Desktop Upgrade Kit which was designed for optimal performance and yet remains economical.

Anyone with some extra cash to spend can pamper themselves with the OCZ Technology 512GB Vector Series SATA 6.0 GB/s 7 mm Height 2.5-Inch SSD with 100K IOPS and 5-Year Warranty – VTR1-25SAT3-512G  Internal Solid State Drive (SSD) (Stand-lone Drive) which hold some very impressive benchmarks in terms of performance.

However the ultimate choice is up to you, the end consumer as the types of drives are numerous. Its important to fish around for the best, whether you are looking for a great deal or for high performance it is important to the get the right SSD for gaming.

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